My name is Piotr Studzinski. I have created the website. I was born in Bytom in 1982 and I still live here. I have graduated from Silesian University where I have made it to Master of Business Administration and Marketing degree. I work in international transport company.

I have a lot of interests. For many years I have collected postcards from different countries. Today I have over 6100 of them and the number is still increasing. To present my collection, I have developed couple of websites, most significant are and

I love travelling around Poland Europe (so far) and writing about the journeys. Especially, I took liking to mountains, the higher and the more difficult to climb, the better.

Among my other interests are: Tupac Shakur life and death, translations, lifting weights


Bytom Uncut is a private website. Its foundation is in no way connected to gathering financial benefits. I am not a member of any political party. The website is not a kind of political manifest. Bytom Uncut was created to:

- make picture and text documentation of neglected and ruined areas of Bytom (I hope that sooner or later it will be only historic presentation)
- try to answer why those places look like that
- present my personal opinion on the subject, using freedom of speech and views which are guaranteed in Constitution of Republic of Poland
- show the truth opposite to postcard image of the city
- put attention and to increase Bytomians and rest of the society awareness on the subject of neglected city
- make preventive action by warning Bytom inhabitants and visitors about dangerous places
- pass to authorities (of the city, country or European Union) concerns about the subject from resident point of view which is a result of democratic rights of a man, who took a part in election.
- put chosen media attention to ruined parts of Bytom

Satirizing or disrespecting the city or its authorities is not my intention. Read closely please and you will not have any doubts about it!

I am the only owner of copyrights to domain name of the website and to its content - text and photographs. Using the content without my written permission is strictly prohibited by law.

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